In November of 2017, we moved into our new location at 1599 W. Main Street, Mount Joy. The facility is built from the ground up as a flowershop and all efficiencies built-in to perform that role. Our cooler has a designer door and delivery door that allows us to take designs quickly from the design area to refrigeration and from there to the delivery vans, when needed. We have 13,000 square feet of usable space including a large conference room, plant area, fresh flower cooler, offices, kitchen, restrooms, and ample design space for our team. The facility is state-of-the-art, especially for a flowershop, with digital cooler thermometers tied to app notifications, security system, dozens of interior and exterior cameras, an automation system to control audio and video throughout the building, wireless streaming capabilities for employees and guests to present on any TV, and several other features that make the shop unlike any other.

The new shop also has a special meeting for our owner’s husband, the designer and builder of the facility. Over the two year build, Shawn Erb handled all design decisions from the regal entryway to the emergency lighting selection. All while maintaining the preferred look and feel of the building.